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Justice Resource Center

185 Central Avenue, S.W.

Suite J1-7000, 7th Floor

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Information Desk: 404-612-2789

Legal Research: 404-612-4544

Family Law: 404-612-2789

E-mail: sca.jrc@fultoncountyga.gov

Fax Number: 404-612-2608

Clerk of Superior & Magistrate Courts

136 Pryor Street SW

Suite C-155

Atlanta, GA 30303

Main Office Number: 404-613-5313

Clerk of State Court

185 Central Avenue SW

Suite TG-800

Atlanta, GA 30303

Main Office Number: 404-613-4245

Magistrate Court Housing Clinic

Housing Clinic: HCAC@avlf.org

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